Online Teaching and Learning

In the latest months, teaching at Politecnico had to be renewed to face the unexpected and sudden emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic that we are still facing.

From the first days of the health crisis until July 2020, all the teaching activities – including exams and graduations – were carried out exclusively online. PoliTO’s response to the emergency was unprecedented: the reinforcement of IT infrastructure, plus the identification of technological solutions and new teaching methods permitted the almost regular functioning of teaching and assessment activities during the emergency period.

Even for the Academic Year 2020/2021, PoliTO has decided to commit itself to guaranteeing, during both semesters, the online provision of the entire first and second-level teaching offer, with the possibility of providing additional in-person teaching through methods that will be based on the evolution of the epidemic.

From a rapid response to an emergency phase, the online teaching turned into a unique occasion to test innovative teaching methods and to introduce teaching and evaluation approaches that may become part of PoliTO students’ daily life in the near future, when the emergency phase will be over.


Students and teachers shared the online teaching and learning experience with the hashtag #CasaPoliTO and #Politohomecommunity on social networks:

CasaPolito CasaPolito1 CasaPolito2 CasaPolito3 CasaPolito4 CasaPolito5 CasaPolito6 CasaPolito7 CasaPolito8 CasaPolito9 CasaPolito10 CasaPolito11 CasaPolito12 CasaPolito13 CasaPolito14 CasaPolito15 CasaPolito16 CasaPolito17 CasaPolito18 CasaPolito19 CasaPolito20 CasaPolito21 CasaPolito22 CasaPolito23 CasaPolito24 CasaPolito25 CasaPolito26

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