Measures for students


3 may 2022

Dear colleagues,

Dear students,


Referring to the “the end of the Covid 19 pandemic state of emergency”, as stated by decree-law last 31 March, and considering the evolution of national regulations and the current pandemic situation, our University, will apply the following measures, in accordance with Piedmont Co.Re.Co. Committee’s Guidelines of 2 May 2022:

 Teaching and curricular activities 

Teaching and curricular activities for the academic year 21/22 will be carried out in accordance with the regulations already in force, which are confirmed without any changes.

 Procedures for accessing PoliTo premises and reservations 

Reservations are no longer required for accessing classrooms, libraries and study rooms.

 Exam sessions

Exam sessions will be held from 13/06/2022 to 23/07/2022 at the University premises (in-person). Remote examinations will be exclusively available for students in the following conditions:

  • Students testing positive for COVID 19 
  • Students residing abroad who are unable to return to Italy due to international travel restrictions.

Students can apply for taking exams in online remote mode according to the regulations in force applied for previous exam sessions.

 Graduation sessions 

The extraordinary exam session scheduled for the period 06/06/2022 - 15/06/2022 will be held exclusively in online remote mode (thesis oral defence and graduation ceremony).

The summer exam session will be held at the University premises, in compliance with prevention and safety protocols.

 Covid-19 Green Pass certification, vaccination requirement and Sars-Cov-2 infection 

Access to university facilities will be permitted and Covid-19 Green Pass certification will no longer be required.

The vaccination requirement for university staff is confirmed until 15 June 2022.

Those who are positive for Sars-Cov-2 or those who show respiratory or febrile symptoms are not allowed to accessing university premises.

 Use of personal respiratory protective equipment

The use of surgical (or higher protection level) masks is mandatory for all those attending classrooms, libraries and study rooms. Exceptions are applied by law for those people who are exempt from wearing such PPE.

 In general, the use of (surgical or FFP2) masks is not compulsory but strongly recommended in indoor places, including workplaces such as offices and laboratories, and in all cases of queuing or gathering where no interpersonal distance of at least one meter is guaranteed.


FFP2 masks must be worn at all indoor events open to the public (including graduation ceremonies).

Events will be accessible upon booking through a specific online procedure.

 I would also like to remind you that #PoliTOtracing swabs free screening service (via Coronavirus Infection - #PoliTOtracing ) will be available for Politecnico staff and students until 20 May. You can benefit from it so that the whole Politecnico community can benefit from it, as well!

 The Rector

Guido Saracco