Measures for students


14 January 2022

Update Winter examination session 2021/22

Dear Student,

In consideration of the upcoming winter examination session, which will start on Monday 17th January 2022, the information currently available online regarding the request to sit exams remotely (below) is supplemented as follows.

For students quarantined or self-isolating at home with health surveillance in accordance with current regulations; besides being able to present the certificate issued by the Italian Health Authority (ASL) or by another national health authority (for example your family physician) or by a foreign health authority (in English) ordering quarantine or self-isolation, it is also possible to present:

-      the certificate of a national health authority (for example the treating doctor);

-      a positive Covid-19 test (it can also be an antigen rapid test). The test date must not be prior to the 14 days before the exam. The test result must clearly state the student’s personal information. A negativization to Covid-19 will not be taken into account if it occurs after the date of bookings and the exam can therefore carry out online.

Students can submit this request until 12.00 (noon) of the day before the exam.

In the event of a positive Covid-19 test, quarantine or fiduciary isolation, inspected and proven after 12.00 (noon) on the day before the exam, students have to send a request for exception directly to the teaching professor, self-declaring their status: the professor will take the exam remotely, possibly also in the form of a replacement oral exam following the date of the exam. Students must provide, via ticket and in the shortest possible time compatibly with the acquisition of the provisions by the ASL / treating doctor / foreign health authority, the documentation certifying positivity, quarantine or fiduciary isolation. Politecnico will proceed to verify the documentation produced ex officio.

We also inform you that, in addition to residents abroad and unable to return to Italy due to limitations on international travel, students temporarily abroad for educational activities will be able to take the exam in derogation, as they are subjected to the same limitations expected for students residing abroad (below). The calculation and payment methods of mobility scholarships will in any case follow the rules indicated in the relating calls, in relation to the mobility assigned in the context of the call for applications for international student mobility (Bando Unico) a.y. 2021/2022 to the Resolution of the Director General n. 989/2021 of 06/23/2021.

Best regards

Vice Rector for Education


 30 November 2021 - update 10 January 2022

Winter examination session 2021/22- authorization to take remote exams


Dear Student,

The exams of the winter examination session 2021/22 will take place in person at the University for all students and for all courses. Exam registrations will open shortly.

As an exception, if you who are in one of the following situations, you can request to take your exams remotely following a specific online procedure. You are allowed to request a remote exam if:

 You are currently quarantined or self-isolating at home with health surveillance in accordance with current regulations;

  1. You are still testing positive to COVID-19 after an extended period of time (positivo di lungo termine, i.e. you are still testing positive to COVID-19 after more than 21 days but you have a certificate issued by the Italian Health Authority-ASL that allows you to end isolation even without testing negative to COVID)
  2. You have severe health problems or you are an immunocompromised person (art. 58 of DL 73/2021 converted into Law 106/2021)
  3. You are unable to leave your house due to mobility restrictions imposed by national or regional regulations (for students who reside in Italy);
  4. You live abroad and you are unable to travel to Italy due to international mobility restrictions.

 If you are included in one of the above categories, you need to fill out an online form, attach - where requested – some supporting documents and submit your request before the deadlines. In particular:

  1. certificate issued by the Italian Health Authority (ASL) or by another national health authority (for example your family physician) or by a foreign health authority (in English) ordering quarantine or self-isolation. Alternatively, you can present a positive covid-19 test (it can also be an antigen rapid test). The test date must not be prior to the 10 days before the exam. The test result must clearly state the student’s personal information. You can submit this request until 12.00 (noon) of the day before the exam;
  2. certificate stating the end of your self-isolation and result of a COVID positive test taken no longer than 48 hours before. You can submit this request until 12.00 (noon) of the day before the exam (noon).
  3. declaration signed by the competent health authorities or by your family physician stating that you need to take your exam remotely (the declaration must not mention your medical condition). You can submit this request no later than two weeks before the exam.
  4. you do not need to upload any supporting document because Politecnico will verify if there is any travel restriction depending of the Region where you reside and ministerial regulations. If your request for remote exams is approved, Politecnico will check the location from which you connect to the Internet during the exam.
  5. if you live abroad and are unable to travel to Italy due to international mobility restrictions: upload the link to the official government website of the country where you reside that specifies the travel restrictions. You can submit this request no later than two weeks before the exam. If your request for remote exams is approved, Politecnico will check the location from which you connect to the Internet during the exam.

 At present, considering current regulations in force, the condition no. 4 cannot be selected. This option will become available if the government approves new national mobility restrictions that do not provide for mobility exceptions for study reasons.

 You are required to fill in and submit one form for each exam that you would like to take remotely.

How to request a remote exam:

-          register for the exams that you want to take using the standard exam registration procedure;

-          fill out the remote exam form following the instructions and deadlines illustrated above (Online Services – Exams – Exam schedule and registration);

-          Politecnico will evaluate your request and you will find the outcome of the evaluation on the same page where you filled out the form;

-          If your request is accepted, your teacher will be informed by e-mail. Your teacher will organize your online exam and inform you about the exam delivery.  The schedule of remote exams may be different from the schedule of in-person exams. Your teacher may also decide that you will take an oral exam, even if the other students taking the exam at Politecnico will have a written exam.


The online procedure to request a remote exam will be available with the opening of exam registrations:

  • 10 December for all first-year courses (Bachelor’s degree programmes)
  • 22 December for all other courses


Verification of declarations truthfulness:

Politecnico can verify the truthfulness of your documents and declarations before the exam, during the exam and even after the exam. The University will check the location from which you are connecting to the Internet besides conducting other kinds of verifications.

If your declaration is found to be false, your exam will be cancelled and you will be reported to the Disciplinary Board that may impose possible disciplinary sanctions.

Access to Politecnico campuses:

We remind you that you need to have a valid “green pass” or a “certificate of exemption from vaccination against COVID-19” in order to be allowed inside the University. This rule also applies to students who need to enter the campus to take an exam.

Best regards,

The Rector Guido Saracco


8 January 2022


Update on teaching activities

Dear colleagues and dear students,

Considering the evolution of the pandemic situation and of the national and regional provisions, in accordance with the Guidelines of the Regional Committee for the Coordination of Universities (Comitato regionale di coordinamento delle Università – CORECO) which were approved yesterday January 7, our Politecnico has just planned to re-organise some activities as described below: 

1. Teaching activities, during the week of January 10-15 2022, will carried out remotely.

If, in exceptional cases, some teaching activities cannot be carried out remotely, the concerned teaching staff may maintain and deliver the activities in classroom, trying to avoid that in person and remote activities are scheduled alternately during the same day. In this regard, professors themselves will inform their students about which activities will be delivered in classroom.

2. In Libraries – as for consultation and borrowing services- laboratories and other facilities where essential services to students are provided, in person activities will be ensured.

3. Study rooms will be available according to the procedures for accessing Politecnico’s premises already in force.

4. The exam sessions will be held at our University’s premises according to the specific provisions which can be checked through the link which is being updated. 

In person activities will be defined in accordance with the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of University and Research, as well as according to the protocols for the management of confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19, defined with the provisions of the Ministry of Health and already implemented in our University.

In particular, please note that it is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask when entering and carrying out all activities at our University premises.

These provisions will be in force starting from January 10, 2022 and may be integrated as soon as the Shared protocol "Measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID 19” is updated.

Kind Regards

The Rector


4 January 2022


Dear students,

given the evolution of the epidemiologic picture of CoViD19 infection and the fact that only one last week of lessons remains on the calendar, it is considered appropriate that the teaching activities scheduled for the week from 10 to 15 January 2022 take place on line.

If, in exceptional cases, the activities cannot be delivered remotely, professors will organize them in person trying to avoid that in person and remote activities are scheduled alternately on the same day. Professors themselves will notify you of which activities, if any, will remain in person.

In the knowledge that the current situation requires once again a change in the planning of activities, I once again confirm the commitment of the University in finding solutions to ensure your training.

Best wishes for a happy new year

The Rector

Guido Saracco

 Beginning of classes - a.y. 2021/2022


Dear students,

The classes and activities of academic year 2021722 will start on Monday 27th September 2021. As previously informed, teaching will be organized and delivered mainly in person at the university.

Each student can learn more about the organization and delivery of his/her classes on the university timetable available on the student personal page of the Teaching Portal or at

Considering the current situation, on top of in-person classes, Politecnico will also offer specific remote support based on the features of each course and on the teaching autonomy of each professor. For example, on top of classes and practicals delivered in the classroom, professors can offer their students the following support tools: teaching materials created in previous academic years, video recordings of their lectures in the classroom made available after the end of the class, live real time lessons (one-way or two-way streaming), other supplementary or replacement teaching materials. These options may be combined together depending on the needs of each course and its teaching structure (i.e., classes, classroom practicals, laboratory practicals).

Each professor will inform his/her students about the type of support materials that he/she has decided to provide with a notification on the Teaching Portal.

How to take part in classes and activities:

  • in-person classes and activities at Politecnico: all students must book their place in order to take part in classes and activities delivered inside the university. Booking will be possible starting from Thursday 23 September in the afternoon. More information on the booking system and the practical details to book a place are available in "Tool prenotazioni application/pdf (239.27 kB)". Booking is possible for all students who have completed the enrolment process and for non-enrolled students who have been admitted to a Master's degree programme.
  • remote classes and activities: they are marked as a 'Virtual classroom". To join a remote class enrolled students must log in to their personal page of the Teaching Portal or - if they have not completed the enrolment process but have been admitted to a Master's degree programme – they can log in to the Apply@polito platform.

Important: entrance to Politecnico is permitted exclusively upon presentation of a valid "Certificazione verde COVID-19" ("Green Pass") or a "certificate of exemption from vaccination against COVID-19" (please read the "Student information policy during the COVID-19 emergency application/pdf (170.65 kB)" below.

Politecnico staff will carry out a spot check on students to verify if they have got the required certificates (green pass or certificate of exemption). Spot checks will be carried out at the entrance doors or inside the campus. The University will impose a disciplinary sanction (e.g. temporary suspension from in-person class attendance) on any student who is found without a valid Green Pass during the spot check. On top of this, the University will report the student to the authorities.

Please also note that the exams of the first examination session 2021/2022 (taking place from 17th January 2022 to 26th February 2022) will be administered in person at the university. Possible specific exceptions to this rule will be taken into consideration at a later moment.

I remind you that you should always follow the measures for the containment of the spread of COVID-19 and I wish you a good start of classes for academic year 2021/2022.


The Rector

Guido Saracco


Information on the new provisions to prevent Covid-19 infection - Green Pass


Dear students,

as you know, as of 1 September, new regulations to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 will come into force. According to these regulations, all university staff and students are required to have and display the COVID-19 green certificate, the so-called "Green Pass".

With a view to the University's long-standing policy of providing maximum support to the campaign to prevent the risk of infection and to support workers, it is once again important to promptly apply the regulations, which aim to protect public health and maintain adequate safety conditions. All the above in order to facilitate teaching and curricular activities in person and, at the same time, to safeguard the social sphere of the entire university community who will be attending the University from 1 September.

Therefore, from 1 September, all our staff and students will only be able to access the University premises if they have a Green Pass or a "Certification of exemption from anti-COVID-19 vaccination" issued in accordance with the criteria defined by the Ministry of Health.

Under the above legislation, the University is obliged to verify compliance with the new requirements, and therefore, in addition to the usual controls to access to our premises, possession of the Green Pass or Certificate of Exemption will be checked.

The subjects affected by these provisions are:

  • teaching and research staff, technical-administrative staff and librarians, teachers and contract teaching staff, scholarship holders, research grant holders, collaborators and trainees
    • students enrolled in any university course, including doctorates, master's degrees, postgraduate courses, specialisation schools or other.

As called for by Guidelines of the Regional Board for University Coordination (Co.Re.Co.), in order to promote the widest possible protection of the people working at our premises, the University is evaluating the best way to raise awareness also among the other staff working permanently within the University.

Certification checks will be carried out at entry points by delegated staff duly trained, using only tools that comply with privacy legislation (currently the VerifyC19 application).  Students may be checked on a random basis.

Since the vaccination campaign has not yet reached the entire university community, and considering that the Green Pass is also issued following a negative antigenic test (valid for 48 hours), Politecnico, in collaboration with the Piedmont Region and the University of Turin, has taken steps to promote, along with the vaccination hub, a service of antigenic tests at reduced prices for students and university personnel. An updated list of centres in the metropolitan area where this test can be carried out is attached application/pdf (1.55 MB).

The Politecnico di Torino, together with Piedmont universities and AFAM institutes, will continue to work in order to prevent and protect health and safety, counting on everyone's sense of responsibility, convinced that our entire community will benefit enormously from everyone's vaccination.

In the event of further developments of the rules in the next future, any updates will be published on our institutional website

If you have any questions, please contact For privacy-related aspects:


Kindest regards,

The Rector


CLASSES 2021/2022


Dear students,

During next academic year, Politecnico is going to deliver in-person classes in line with the national vaccine campaign that should allow a serene and flexible return to our classrooms.

However, in order to guarantee the sustainability of a safe teaching reorganization, a limited amount of activities may be held remotely.

In a.y. 2021/22 students are expected to take their exams and final examinations in person.

Given that international students must have a valid visa to enrol at Italian universities, in the event of travel limitations imposed by the government, they will have the opportunity to attend online classes and  possibly take their exams remotely, if necessary.

Despite current uncertainty, we are now moving confidently towards a new academic year in which the return to a “new normality” should restore the unique aspects that make university life an authentic life experience. Personal and professional growth, indeed, depend on the interactions with the teaching staff and fellow students, on top of the occasions offered by our campus and by our city.

We wish you a happy summer break, looking forward to meeting you again in our classrooms, laboratories and libraries.

We will promptly share with you any relevant news in the following months.

The Rector

The Vice Rector for Education




With the gradual resumption of in-person activities at Politecnico, the University has adopted specific procedures for campus access and stay in order to protect yourself and everyone else.

Information for students - 22/09/2021 application/pdf (246.59 kB)

List of Activities - Opening/Closing Times application/pdf (23.26 kB)