The successful vaccination campaign and the observance of anti-Covid measures allowed a substantial return of students and workers in presence. Even you, in person, can do a lot to increase PoliTO safety measures!

If you regularly visit the venues of the Politecnico, you can join the #PoliTOtracing campaign: the screening campaign by rapid Covid tests offered to students and workers for detecting and avoiding Covid-19 outbreaks in their early stage. This will promote a growing safety within PoliTO’s venues.

The Politecnico planned to offer a relevant number of free rapid Covid tests to a weekly selection of the people who will join the campaign, in order to enforce the contact tracing of Covid-19 cases in our University.

The participation to the screening campaign is on voluntary basis and can be revoked anytime.

The healthcare professionals appointed by PoliTO will weekly mail the random selection of people to do their rapid tests. You will receive a mail from convocazione.politotracing@polito.it detailing the screening day and time and all other relevant information.

In case you joined the campaign, please respect the screening appointment to allow an effective monitoring: the participation to #PoliTOtracing requires a certain amount of commitment and willingness, but optimizing the screening and monitoring activities is in everyone’s best interest.

Join #PoliTOtracing: an act of responsibility contributing to everyone’s safety!

You can join #PoliTOtracing at this link