• #PoliTOtracing

    A screening with rapid tests aimed at detecting and avoiding Covid outbreaks in their early stage while easing the Covid-19 contact monitoring

  • The Politecnico for the vaccination campaign

    The Politecnico and the Università degli studi di Torino offer to their students the opportunity to get vaccinated at the Vaccitation Hub of the Rectorate, Via Verdi 8 

  • The "Imprese aperte, Lavoratori protetti" Project

    “Ognuno protegge tutti”: this is the slogan that we should bear in mind in the so-called Phase 2, the reopening of productive activities. Each one of us can make the difference adopting responsible behaviours and simple but effective measures against Covid contagion at work and on public transports.

    A group of techno-scientific experts from Piedmont Universities and other Universities and research centres, led by the Politecnico di Torino, designed a series of guidelines to be shared with the decision makers in order to set a safe restart for the Country. The guidelines were collected in the “Imprese Aperte, Lavoratori Protetti” report and within other specific reports regarding, for instance, schools and sport activities.


    An innovative way to virtually open PoliTO spaces to all the citizens, by sharing resources and also scientific, cultural and entertainment contents. The Politecnico thus enters via social networks into the homes of all those who are interested in polytechnic culture and who want to delve into more or less technological topics.

  • Support to the certification of masks and Personal Protective Equipment

    Numerous Piedmont firms stated their availability to produce personal protective equipment to face the current pandemics, such as masks and gowns, constantly needed by healthcare professionals and increasingly scarce. Piedmont Universities, together with Piedmont Region, supported from the very beginning this generous initiative, in order to speed up the certification process of the produced materials so that they could easily be available to the healthcare professionals.

    All information to request the personal protective equipment tests are available on the project’s webpage.