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Measures adopted by the University - last updates

Dear colleagues,

The summer exam session has just begun.

While the platforms have been functioning substantially correctly, in line with what has been planned over the last few weeks, a small percentage of problems have occurred.

Actually, even though students are strongly encouraged to test platforms in advance before the exam - and many of them have already proved to do it regularly - unexpected malfunctioning can always happen. For this reason, in line with the regulations for remote examinations approved by our Academic Senate, it is possible for students to have a further chance to take the exam within 4 working days after completing a self-declaration (dichiarazione sostitutiva di atto di notorietà ). Through this declaration they will provide details of the problems encountered, which may be subject to verification. This self-declaration web-based form can be found in the "Remote Examinations" section of the Student Homepage of the Portale della Didattica: each of you will receive it as an electronically signed e-mail message.

As it sometimes happens when you are deal with computer tools, we have unfortunately also recorded attempts of unauthorized access through online procedures. Even considering any legal and disciplinary action that we will take after the necessary investigations, we have first of all proceeded to strengthen the security of our procedures and systems, and in this regard I would like to ask once again for everyone's cooperation:

    - with the current system in use, like those used in other particularly sensitive contexts, a series of alerts via email/sms are provided every time someone logs  on the Exam platform: therefore, I kindly ask you to pay the utmost attention and immediately report any anomalies to the IT Area services;

   - passwords to access the services must be kept carefully and changed frequently; in this regard, I would like to point out the importance of completing the course on privacy and data security and protection, available on Mypoli - Training Portal ( ). The course provides useful information to defend against the increasingly frequent phishing attacks (i.e. theft of credentials and identity) to which anyone who has an email address is subject daily.

     - it is an individual responsibility not to share your access credentials with anyone else.

Finally, I would like to inform you that shortly a new procedure to access the Exam platform will available, with higher levels of security; the procedure will be similar to the one used for the signature on the exam reports: in addition to the password and the digital certificate you will be required to enter a temporary code sent by SMS.

Kind Regards

Guido Saracco, Rector

Dear colleagues,

the most critical phase if the pandemic is behind us.

The methods of access and mitigation of contagion risks within the Politecnico are well established and based on a solid protocol that has become a reference for many, even outside our University.

It is time to return to work at the Politecnico in presence, more than today (300 accesses allowed for research activities in addition to the 50 operators of essential services that have always been at work).

For this reason, from tomorrow onwards, 100 experimental theses students and 100 other members of our teaching, technical, administrative and librarian staff will be admitted, with the right to access, albeit with single occupancy, in their offices.

I am determined to increase these numbers progressively.

I feel the strong need to do it so as to increase, in this state of rarefaction of interpersonal relationships, the sense of belonging and community that characterizes each university,  but at the same time the effectiveness of our work, in every sphere of action of our personnel.

Even where smart working has shown to give excellent results, which may inspire future organizations of our work, still a few days a week are often useful to be spent in the university. In this overflow of videoconferencing and virtual classrooms, I perceive more and more people share the same desire to return "to be there", to meet also occasionally to exchange opinions, to leave home walls that are perceived as increasingly narrow.

I make you a heartfelt appeal to return to work in your offices, within the limits that will gradually be agreed and expanded. We will tend to prescribe that occupations of offices are individual, that you take care of the appropriate sanitization if you receive guests, that you change the air frequently. But in individual offices you can, for example, remove your mask (in this case 1 per day will be enough) and live a full working dimension again.

Admissions to offices and laboratories for research staff and for doctoral or experimental theses students will be organized on a weekly basis by the directors of the department, while it will always be possible, with personal means of protection, to occasionally access the Politecnico.

For this last purpose, I herewith inform you that a digital form is active for the occasional access request here: where you can also find a short manual of use. Nothing changes with respect to the authorization flow foreseen by the shared Protocol "Measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID 19 in the post lockdown" signed on April 30 with a visa given, this time via computer, by the director / manager of reference and by the Rector.

Hoping to meet you in person at the “Poli” in increasing numbers, I thank you all for your attention and I send you my

Best wishes,


Guido Saracco