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Measures adopted by the University - last updates

Dear colleagues,


With regard to the next exam session which will be held at Politecnico’s premises starting from next Monday and with the aim of avoiding crowding and ensuring that all activities can be carried out in safety, specific entry and exit points have been defined for those classrooms or it labs (laibs) in Polito Corso Duca campus where crowding problems may arise. They are included in the attached plan and table , together with the “standby points” where students will have to wait for their turn before the start of the exams. Students will receive shortly all details on the location of these points within our University, as well as a reminder of the obligation, for everybody, to wear a FFP2 mask.


Thank you again for your kind collaboration

The Rector

Guido Saracco


Dear colleagues and dear students,


Considering the evolution of the pandemic situation and of the national and regional provisions, in accordance with the Guidelines of the Regional Committee for the Coordination of Universities (Comitato regionale di coordinamento delleUniversità – CORECO) which were approved yesterday January 7, our Politecnico has just planned to re-organise some activities as described below:  


1.​Teaching activities, during the week of January 10-15 2022, will carried out remotely.

If, in exceptional cases, some teaching activities cannot be carried out remotely, the concerned teaching staff may maintain and deliver the activities in classroom, trying to avoid that in person and remote activities are scheduled alternately during the same day. In this regard, professors themselves will inform their students about which activities will be delivered in classroom.


2.​In Libraries – as for consultation and borrowing services- laboratories and other facilities where essential services to students are provided, in person activities will be ensured.

3.​Study rooms will be available according to the proceduresfor accessing Politecnico’s premises already in force.

4.​The exam sessions will be held at our University’s premises according to the specific provisions which can be checked throughthe link https://www.coronavirus.polito.it/en/measures_for_students which is being updated.  


In person activities will be defined in accordance with the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of University and Research, as well as according to the protocols for the management of confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19, defined with the provisions of the Ministry of Health and already implemented in our University.


In particular, please note that it is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask when entering and carrying out all activities at our University premises.


These provisions will be in force starting from January 10, 2022and may be integrated as soon as the Shared protocol " Measures to combat and contain the spread of COVID 19” is updated.


Kind Regards


The Rector