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Measures adopted by the University - last updates

Dear colleagues and students,

following the previous communication on the same subject, I would like to inform you that yesterday afternoon CORECO committee approved the new Guidelines (see in attachment) on the activities to be carried out at Piedmont universities, in accordance with the Decree  no. 33 of 5 March of the President of the Regional Council of Piedmont, in force from 7 to 20 March 2021.

Coreco 6 marzo  (302.87 kB), while suspending in person teaching/learning and curricular activities at universities and higher education institutions, has agreed to meet again by the end of next week to assess the epidemiological situation in order to plan any resumption of in person teaching activities for Bachelor’s first year students.

As a result of these provisions, we have updated the framework of our University’s main activities that may carried out with the related measures and details, as shown in the file Attività 8 marzo  (22.75 kB), also available on the website at

With regard to experiential curricular laboratory activities, in the coming days, with the support of the Collegi dei Corsi di Studi, we will identify the specific activities that will continue to be held at Polito premises. Pending such clarifications, these activities are suspended.

Teaching staff will be allowed to attend our university facilities (offices and computer labs), even for remote teaching activities, according to the procedures for accessing Politecnico premises and in compliance with all measures for the prevention of contagion in force.

As for the technical, administrative, technician and librarian staff (PTAB,) a specific memorandum of understanding on the "guidelines for carrying out working activities for PTAB staff at Politecnico di Torino - Orange Zone" was defined yesterday between our University delegation for trade unions relations and the the trade unions representatives: it will be sent out soon by the Director-General to all PTAB staff.

We are sure that we will be able to proactively tackle this further challenge,

Kind regards

The Rector

Guido Saracco

The Director-General

Ilaria Adamo

Dear colleagues,

Dear students,

It is with regret that I have just learned of the decision taken by the Governor of the Piedmont Region which confirms that teaching activities at universities will be carried out exclusively in "remote" mode starting from March 6 and for a period of at least 15 days: however, it is likely that some exceptions that may apply for some specific activities, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 44 of the Prime Minister's Decree,  will be defined during the CORECO committee’s meeting which will take place this evening. I will personally participate in this committee and submit our University’s requests (possibility of benefitting from study rooms for those with poor internet connectivity, possibility of attending experimental labs for both students working at their thesis projects and doctoral candidates, possibility to carry out student teams activities or “field activities” etc.).

This decision has unfortunately become necessary in view of the increasing number of cases of infection. I therefore invite you to exercise the utmost attention and caution and to comply with all necessary rules to contain the contagion.

As soon as they are defined, I will provide you with more details, but I thought it was appropriate to inform you of these circumstances right now.


The Rector

Guido Saracco